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Manor Ink is a youth driven, community supported newspaper that was originally started in 2012. Since then we have come a long way. We’ve covered everything from high school graduations, annual trout parades, fires and devastating floods.


Manor Ink began because there was a gap in our community. Livingston Manor, a small town on the edge of the Catskills had no local news outlet. Our community newspaper was shut down in the poor economy of 2009 and our high school newspaper was shut down at that time for the same reason: no money.

A local mom said, “why not start a community-wide newspaper led by teens, run from the library.” And Manor Ink was born.

Manor Ink is a breakthrough step in an era of roiling change in the ways we communicate, and a model that I hope other communities will adopt.”

– Tom Stites, journalist

It has been a vehicle to grow awareness of events, opportunities and businesses locally. Manor Ink has empowered its young staff to find and use our voice in the greater community and given us skills that we will use for the rest of our lives. It has highlighted the importance of local news production and literacy as part of the “glue” of a community.

“The innovative people of Livingston Manor, young and old working together, have proved in their community what others are beginning to understand only in theory: that journalism and libraries have so much in common that they ought to work together more closely.”

– Journalist Tom Stites, of Massachusetts (a former NY Times editor)

After providing our community with local news for four years Manor Ink took a short hiatus and is now restarting with new energy and continued support from the library and local community. To support our local newspaper, written by young people in our little town, please consider becoming a sponsor! Help to keep our story going. For more info email and keep your eyes out for the papers coming out once a month!

“By reporting on first responders to flooded or burning landmarks, neighbors bringing hot coffee and hugs to broken-hearted business owners, or observing how many volunteers it takes to create a community garden, beautification project or annual ice carnival these young reporters are learning first hand who the real heroes are: the people and places and events that shape the character and backbone of their community.”

-A Manor Ink reader


Major accomplishments:

  • 2013 Innovation Award
  • 5 years in operation
  • Reliable, recurring community support via volunteers, advertising
  • Increased participation in public events via the Manor Ink calendar 
  • Inspired and served as a model for three other community based student newspapers


Manor Ink is a source of pride for Town, Library, and School. We help create the opportunity for transformative experiences for students – yes you can make an impact on your community! We have helped to build students skills through experiences in the areas of writing, interviewing, observing, design and layout, sales, teamwork. We have helped to increase understanding of the role of media, the basis of factual reporting, and the distinction between fact and opinion

  • LMFL committed to Manor Ink as a specific strategy for better serving the community and its young people.